Business Development

At FCI we can help Fertility Centers improve their businesses by offering an exceptional patient centric care, along with the success rates and services to back it up. We have learned from our vast experience over the past 15 years in establishing one of the premier fertility centers in the USA, and we can share this expertise with fertility centers around the world. Our success rates have been one of the highest in the USA for many years, and our Center had the highest success rates in women < 40 in the USA in the latest SART report published in 2007 (for more information, please check Our USA-based program has received many awards including the Best of Reston award for 2008 and 2009 in the Physicians and Surgeons category by the US Local Business Association (USLSBA), and nationwide only 1.4% of 2008 award recipients qualified as 2009 recipients.