Clinical Services

The Clinical Services that FCI offers include cycle management, chart studies and stimulation protocol reviews. Assisted reproductive Technologies (ART) techniques continue to evolve, and we believe utilizing proven techniques, such as blastocyst transfer (BT), are mandated in any successful Fertility program. We also offer expertise in clinical techniques such as embryo transfer (ET) using ultrasound guidance. We have been using ultrasound-guided ET since 1996, and cannot imagine doing an ET without ultrasound guidance. The ultrasound technology continues to improve dramatically, and most ultrasound machines need to be replaced in 3-5 years with newer, smaller, and better machines.

Our success rates have been one of the highest in the USA, and has been significantly and consistently higher than the US national average for the past several years (please check out We are confident that we can share our success with many centers around the world. We have pioneered few techniques that have resulted in our consistently higher success and live birth rates. Our staff are available to share our success into other centers around the world.

Our staff can also help you implement Electronic medical records (EMR) in your practice. EMR are becoming the norm in most US practices.

Our medical staff can also spend as much time as you deem required to ensure that clinical protocols are optimized for your specific patient population. In addition, our staff can help set up clinical services in an operating, or procedure room set up such as office hysteroscopy or X-ray services such as hysterosalingograms (HSG), maximizing your most expensive commodity, i.e time.