Improving Success Rates

At FCI, we have the track record to improve your success rates for ART. For the past several years, our USA-based program has had one of the highest success rates in the world. Over the past 6 years, we have implemented many steps that resulted in significant imrpovements in our success rates. One of those has been the migration to blastocyst transfers (BT) and away from cleavage-stage (CS) transfers. Currently, 75% of all our ET are BT and only 25% are CS. We recently reviewed our clinical success from 2003 to 2008, and the clinical pregnancy rate (PR), i.e fetal heart beat noted on ultrasound at 6 weeks, during that period was 68% for BT and 38% for CS. The multiple gestation rate (nearly all twins) was 37% for BT and 19% for CS. The higher PR and multiple rate occured despite a significantly lower number of transferred embryos in the BT group (2.2 compared to 2.7). We have nearly eliminated our higher-order multiple pregnancies by limiting the number of transferred embryos (1-2 in women < 35, 2 in women 35-38, and 2-3 in women > 39).
Our Center is one of the top 10 Fertility Centers in the USA according to, and is the only center in the North Eastern United States. There are currently over 700 IVF centers in the USA.